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Probably the only safety post I’ll write

Like all power tools, the Dremel rotary comes with a plethora of safety warnings. Like it happens in a vast majority of cases, enthusiastic new owners will completely ignore all of them. Here’s one you should pay attention to – eye protection.

The tool can spin up to 35,000rpm while cutting into wood, plastic or metal. Things – small, sharp things, to be precise – tend to fly in all directions. (Well, not really – they fly mostly perpendicularly to the axis of rotation and in the plane of the spinning accessory, but saying it like that rather ruins the expression. Did I mention I am a scientist?) Anyway, things tend to fly around, often in the exact plane where your eyes are located, especially if you happen to be looking at what you are doing. Continue reading

Corded or cordless?

This was a decision that I struggled with before buying my Dremel and, in the end, I think I got it wrong, at least from the purely technical standpoint.

Let’s begin with the obvious – the cord ties you down to an outlet, while the cordless tool lets you roam. Even if you are stationary, the cord limits your range of motion, dictates how you grip the tool, and requires you to be constantly aware of its position. On the flip side, the battery-powered tools are typically weaker than corded ones, and the batteries periodically run out of juice and need to be charged. Continue reading