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Guide updated

Dremel 4000 blueprint - question markThe Accessory & Attachment Reference Guide has been updated to include descriptions of my misuses of the EZ456 1-1/2″ EZ Lock metal cut-off wheels.


Polishing a fork

Sure, this might not be the most epic post. Then again, if you’ve got a lot of forks to polish… I’m just sayin’.

I haven’t done any work with metal yet, so I thought I’d give it a go. Nothing major here, just trying a few polishing accessories. I used a standard stainless steel fork that was in a decent enough shape overall, though it was covered in small scuffs and scratches from years of use. I’ll let the picture do the talking first: Continue reading

Probably the only safety post I’ll write

Like all power tools, the Dremel rotary comes with a plethora of safety warnings. Like it happens in a vast majority of cases, enthusiastic new owners will completely ignore all of them. Here’s one you should pay attention to – eye protection.

The tool can spin up to 35,000rpm while cutting into wood, plastic or metal. Things – small, sharp things, to be precise – tend to fly in all directions. (Well, not really – they fly mostly perpendicularly to the axis of rotation and in the plane of the spinning accessory, but saying it like that rather ruins the expression. Did I mention I am a scientist?) Anyway, things tend to fly around, often in the exact plane where your eyes are located, especially if you happen to be looking at what you are doing. Continue reading