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Polishing a fork

Sure, this might not be the most epic post. Then again, if you’ve got a lot of forks to polish… I’m just sayin’.

I haven’t done any work with metal yet, so I thought I’d give it a go. Nothing major here, just trying a few polishing accessories. I used a standard stainless steel fork that was in a decent enough shape overall, though it was covered in small scuffs and scratches from years of use. I’ll let the picture do the talking first: Continue reading

Working with plywood

Dremel 4000 - plywood ring afterAnother day, another ring. Yeah, I’ve been making a few of those. I do have good reasons, though: 1. My girlfriend likes them; B. Round, or at least rounded, things are easier to make with the rotary tool than are those with sharp corners; and 4. I’m still getting comfortable with the Dremel, all its accessories, and various materials.

The different thing about this ring was that I made it out of plywood. Continue reading

There’s terracotta and then there’s terracotta, evidently

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I made another wooden ring, out of plywood this time, using the same techniques I described before. Then I wrote a blog post. Then I browsed the internet for inspiration and found the site, apparently operated by Bosch, the makers of Dremel. There, I found something new and different that I could easily do with my kit – engrave terracotta pots using the 191 high speed cutter. I also found a dusty old pot that we had lying around, which looked exactly like those in the project pictures – unfinished clay-brown pot. Pretty much what you’d think of if you heard the words “flower pot”.

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The letter “D”

The ring – my very first Dremel creation described in the last post – was gifted to my girlfriend Mari. I was now really excited about the possibilities, and was thinking about what to make for our 7-year-old daughter.

One of my all-time favourite washroom graffitis is “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.” Well, to come up with ideas, sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I doodles. This time, I doodled. My favourite place to do that is the Paper app on the iPad. It was named App of the Year for 2012 by Apple, and rightly so. Our daughter’s name begins with a “D”, and here’s what I doodled:

Dremel 4000 - letter D

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The one where I finally make something

Fortunately, soon after my purchase of the Dremel came the weekend. We went to see the in-laws, and I grabbed the Dremel to show it off to my father-in-law. He was duly excited, and we spent some quality time engraving cheese cutting boards and polishing old rusty tools. When I mentioned my lack of materials to work with, he had a quick solution – a small piece of wood, around 5cm wide x 20cm long x 1cm thick. Not much, but it was a start.

After getting home, I once again wondered what to make. The answer was at hand or, rather, on hand. When we were in Quebec, my girlfriend had picked up two African wooden rings: one for her, one for me. I quickly traced mine onto the wood, and then started planning my strategy.

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First steps

OK – it’s here! Unpacked, all accessories and attachments taken out of the case, examined, sort-of understood, and put back. (Is that how they were in that box? Seemed neater and more organized before.. Damn OCD…)

And – drumroll – what the heck to do with this thing?! I mean, I had had some ideas, none of them fleshed out in any soft of detail, but now that the Dremel was here – where to start? As I’ve mentioned, I bought the thing mostly for fun, to do something new with. There weren’t any jobs just waiting for it around the house. I needed to get creative.

Here’s the thing about moving into a modern apartment in a new country – not a lot of scrap material lying around.

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