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Yup, there’s yer problem!

Things have been a bit slow around here for the past couple of days. I ran out of raw material to finish the Bento Box, so it is lingering in a half-done state. Mari has just a few minutes ago commandeered it for “temporary” use as a tray for candles and other miscellany, and I have a shadow of a doubt as to whether it will ever become the originally-intended final product. Time will tell. I’ve also done one or two things in Des’s café, but they are too small to be honoured with a full post.

So, tonight, with only a little free time, no new ideas for another Blueprint, and nothing but plywood on hand, I took a few minutes to practice my sawing technique. On a strip of plywood around 4cm wide, I marked out 8 cuts 1cm apart and got to work with the jigsaw: Continue reading

The one where I do something useful

My in-laws are redoing their kitchen, slowly but surely. About a month ago, my father-in-law and I spend half of a Saturday laying wall tile. A Dremel with a tile cutting bit would have been immensely useful, especially as we had to cut out internal holes in several tiles to accommodate various bits of architecture. Sadly, this was before my Dremel 4000 purchase, so things had to be done the hard way.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and we found ourselves back at it, this time painting the kitchen doors and windows. The window frames had already been sanded, but one of the doors still had lots of old cracked paint on it. Luckily, my trusty Dremel was with me. Continue reading