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My Dremel 4000 review – Part I

Dremel 4000

This is a post that I didn’t really want to write. For one, “Review” sounds so authoritative: “Listen to me, I know what I’m talking about!” In a way, it’s the antithesis of this blog, which was started as a counterpoint to all the professional reviews of the Dremel rotary tools. I also didn’t appreciate the flood of linkbait sites that popped up in my searches for “Dremel 4000 review” when I was doing my research.

Nevertheless, I have decided to go ahead with the post. Searching for a “Dremel 4000 review” is probably how most people begin their research, and I honestly believe that my experiences, detailed in this blog, can be of use to a certain category of Dremel users. I also hope that my other posts have established this blog as a genuine effort to share and connect with other Dremel amateurs, and not a half-assed attempt to make a quick buck.

So, with that preamble, here it is – my amateur, non-professional (and unprofessional?) Dremel 4000 reviewContinue reading

Corded or cordless?

This was a decision that I struggled with before buying my Dremel and, in the end, I think I got it wrong, at least from the purely technical standpoint.

Let’s begin with the obvious – the cord ties you down to an outlet, while the cordless tool lets you roam. Even if you are stationary, the cord limits your range of motion, dictates how you grip the tool, and requires you to be constantly aware of its position. On the flip side, the battery-powered tools are typically weaker than corded ones, and the batteries periodically run out of juice and need to be charged. Continue reading