A fret saw jigsaw puzzle

While recently, in my mind, the word “jigsaw” has become more closely associated with the power tool, it nevertheless continues to remind me of the saw’s namesake puzzles. Des is no stranger to these, and takes justified pride in being able to put together puzzles intended for kids 2-3 years her senior. In light of that, the puzzle I made for her posed little challenge, but was still warmly received.

Not an overly complicated project, the whole thing was made out of plywood with only a fret saw and sandpaper. I did use the 408 sanding bands for shaping the letters’ outside edges. However, in order to ensure good fit between pieces, the internal cuts needed to be made with the fret saw as close to perfect as possible, without subsequent shaping. So, it was very slow and meticulous going with the saw, followed only by light smoothing with 180-grit sheet sandpaper.

Des coloured the pieces one-by-one, not knowing what they were, and then watched me assemble them. She was still uncertain in the end of what the puzzle was, so I lifted her high above the table, and this bird’s-eye perspective finally let her see the word 🙂

Dremel 4000 made - DES puzzle

One comment

  1. Mari

    hi dad! thank you for the puzzle. i like it. also my bear likes it. my bear has a new hat. 🙂

    (hi daddy, mommy helped her to spell and write the words she wanted to say) Good work!

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