Why this blog?

Before I bought my first (and so far only) Dremel rotary tool, I spent a long time browsing for reviews and opinions. The most comprehensive reviews I found were from professional tool review sites, where people who use tools like the Dremel for a living discussed things like torque, RPM, and how long it takes to cut through a steel bolt. While all of this was somewhat useful, I kept hoping to find a site where someone with next-to-zero experience – i.e. like me – would describe the tool and its accessories and uses in terms I could more easily relate to. Unfortunately, that content was nowhere to be found.

Now that I am a very happy owner of a Dremel 4000, I am taking an opportunity to provide others with what I had hoped to find myself just a short while ago – a very non-expert, amateur look at the tool and its uses, mostly just for fun but also for a few projects around the house.

I hope you find this useful!

— Nik

Disclaimer: This blog contains links to relevant Amazon pages where you can read about and buy various Dremel products. If you follow one such link and then decide to purchase the article in question, I get a small commission from the sale.


  1. Annie Frazer

    My husband felt guilty and just bought me my first Dremel, the 8200 cordless, and I find myself constantly on google! I am so glad I ran across you blog, look forward to reading!

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