Christmas #2!

I mentioned in a previous post that a package has arrived with a bunch of Dremel stuff. I was a happy man! So, here are the juicy details, together with some initial impressions:

Dremel 4000 - first A&A shipment

  • Blister packs suck!!! I can only assume that Dremel is sticking to this infuriating packaging system because they are secretly working on a blister-pack-opening accessory for their rotary tools.
  • Despite being quite familiar with my Dremel by now, I was still at first surprised at how small its attachments are, especially when picking up a rather small package at the post office.
  • The nine pieces in this shipment were made in the US, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan and China. Talk about your global companies!

And now, top-to-bottom, left-to-right:

  1. 678-01 Circle Cutter and Straight Edge Guide. Comes with one 561 multipurpose cutting bit.
  2. 565 Multipurpose Cutting Kit. Comes with one 561 multipurpose bit and two 560 drywall cutting bits.
  3. 576 Sanding / Grinding Guide. Comes with one 407 sanding drum mandrel and 60-grit sanding band, and one 932 aluminum oxide grinding stone.
    The inclusion of the cutting bits in the 678-01 and 565 kits is welcome. On the other hand, sanding drums and bands and the 932 grinding stone come in all Dremel 4000 kits, so their usefulness here is marginal. That said, a second sanding drum is handy for keeping two different grits of sanding bands loaded at all times.
    All of #1-3 have adjustable depth. All of them suffer from the fact that the metal retention screw that controls the depth adjustment quite readily digs into the sliding plastic, making me wonder about the attachments’ longevity. Additionally, the sliding part fits a little too loosely into its housing, so that when the screw is tightened, the tension skews the alignment. The end result is that the rotary tool won’t be 100% perpendicular to the surface being cut. This defect is particularly pronounced in the 565 cutting guide. All the attachments have imprinted depth measurements in inches and centimeters. These are pretty useless to begin with, and also begin to rub off immediately.
  4. 430 1/4″ Sanding Drum with a 60-grit sanding band. Simply a smaller-diameter version of the standard 407 1/2″ sanding drum, which I find  is needed when shaping tight curves.
  5. 431 1/4″ 60-grit Sanding Bands to fit the 430 drum.
  6. 9903 Tungsten Carbide Cutter. I bought this partly to replace my destroyed 191 high-speed cutter, partly for carving external and internal surfaces of my wooden projects. Tungsten carbide is the hardest material next to diamonds, says Dremel. It better be!, says I: I still want to exact some payback on that clay pot.
  7. 4485 Quick Change Collet Nut Set. I got this to use with #9, the drill bit set. With the package already en route, I realized that for this purpose, the 4486 chuck would have been a smarter purchase. It also would have allowed me to easily use non-Dremel-sized bits. On the plus side, as I wrote earlier, collets are better than chucks at gripping things other than drill bits, so this is by no means a bad buy. The set comes with the 1/8″ collet and the collet nut, which are superfluous as they come standard on every Dremel 4000.
  8. EZ544 EZ Lock 1-1/2″ Carbide Cutting Wheel. After using the EZ456 metal cut-off wheels that came with my Dremel to cut wood, it was clear that a dedicated accessory was needed. This is it.
  9. 628-01 Drill Bit Set. Dremel calls these “multipurpose”, but on the case, which looks different than the one on their site, it is written “For metal”. Go figure. The smallest 0.8mm and 1.2mm bits went through pine just fine.


  1. Brian Symons

    A few hints for you. Please don’t publish my email address.

    I know you mentioned EZLock but it now has an extended range & overseas readers may find the SpeedClic info helpful. I have a chart I made showing all SpeedClic & EZLock part numbers.

    Dremel have a Carbide Sanding Band but I have never tried one.

    EZ495 EZ Twist Nose Cap

    The EZ Twist is just a new Nose Cap for the 4000 & older Dremels. It is used instead of the flat metal 90962 Wrench (spanner) to tighten & loosen the black Collet Nut & the silver Driver Cap or Driver Adapter used for the Flex Shaft (225), Mini Saw (670), & Right Angle Attachment (575).

    Collets have the advantages of better grip & less of the tool out of the chuck. That reduces vibration. If you use Router Bits in a chuck they often come loose.

    I can say that the new EZ Twist Nose Cap works great. It can be retrofitted to most existing Dremels & just replaces the existing nose piece. It isn’t very expensive either at under $10. I have used it on a 395 Multipro as well as the 4000.

    To use it you just unscrew it. It comes forward off the mounting thread & then the internal socket fits onto the Collet Nut to allow you to loosen or tighten it. You don’t have to take it off the neck of the tool to use it. Just slide it forward enough to fit the Collet Nut.

    Simple & easy & nothing to go wrong.
    Great that you can “upgrade” an older tool 🙂

    EZ407SA EZ Drum

    The EZ407SA EZ Drum mentioned is also a new item. It is a mandrel for the 1/2″ sanding bands that doesn’t need any tool to change bands. It replaces the 407 mandrel & is also priced at less than $10 or is available in the EZ686-01 EZ Lock EZ Drum 18pc Sanding & Grinding Kit which has EZ Lock & EZ Drum Mandrels & an assortment of other accessories.

    So far they don’t have an EZ Drum Mandrel for the 1/4″ sanding bands.

    EZ Lock / SpeedClic

    The EZ402 EZ Lock / SC402 SpeedClic Mandrel (same item in different markets) is a quick change system that doesn’t require any tool for accessory changes. Originally the range was just Cutting Wheels but that has changed.

    The EZ Lock range includes new design Cutting Wheels (normal, carbide & diamond), Grinding Wheels, Sanding Discs, Abrasive Buffs (like scotchbrite plastic scouring pad), Detail Abrasive Brushes (fingers of abrasive plastic) & Cloth Polishing Wheel.

    The normal EZ Lock Cutting Wheels are reinforced & last at least twice as long as the older versions & most EZ Lock Cutting Wheels including the Carbide & Diamond version are 1 1/2″ diameter. Note that ANY sideways force on a cutting wheel will cause it to fracture near the hub. The new EZ541GR Grinding Wheels have a recessed hub area & have been specifically designed for grinding on either the edge or face & even for surface grinding, sharpening, and flush grinding.

    Kits are available with various EZ Lock & EZ Drum mandrels & accessories. Some are only available in the USA.

    Many EZ Lock items have a EZ suffix & Speedclic items replace that with a SC. Not all items follow that coding system though.

    The EZ Lock Cloth Polishing Wheel, Abrasive Buffs, & Detail Abrasive Brushes (abrasive rubber bristles) can be used with either the EZ Lock or the older style Standard 402 Mandrel with mounting screw through the centre.

    The EZ Twist Nose Cap & the individual EZ Lock / Speedclic & EZ Drum mandrels can often be found for less than $10 each so they aren’t expensive upgrades.

  2. drnik2k5

    Thanks, Brian!

    That’s a lot of useful info, for me and likely for others. Unless you object, I’d like to republish it as a separate post, attributed to you of course, so that it appears on the front page instead of being buried here.



    • Brian Symons

      Hi Nik,

      That OK.

      I’ve got a bit of other Dremel stuff I wrote if you’d like to see that.

      If you send me an email I’ll send you my Word Doc & you can edit it as you like.


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