Guest post: Dad at work

Dremel 4000 by Des - Desiree

While things are a bit slow in the kitchen workshop, Des has volunteered to pitch in with some of her creativity:

Dremel 4000 by Des - Dad at work

This is what she imagines my view to be like while working – looking down at the workbench, with its legs stretching to the floor, Dremel in hand. The orange stuff at the bottom are the piles of sawdust that my handiwork always leaves behind. This creation of hers was entirely spontaneous, and brought a huge smile to my face 🙂

It will be a few days, perhaps a week, before I resume regular posting. However, there’s some good stuff planned for the near-future posts – a package has arrived with no fewer than 9 (nine!) Dremel attachments and accessories, and I’ll be putting them through the paces and documenting my experiences. On top of that, Des has just commissioned yet another project, plus Mari is waiting patiently for the Bento Box and a few other trays, racks and shelves. All of this means that as soon as I’m back at the bench, there will be lots to write about.



  1. Val

    Promises should be fulfilled- sooner or later.
    The drawing is from very unusual point of view.
    Get well, family and continue to work!

    • drnik2k5

      Hi mom!
      Des has done these before – drawings from what she imagines someone’s perspective to be. She has a very good eye and a particular way of seeing and thinking, so the results are always very interesting to see.
      You’ll be glad to know that I’m making good progress on things I promised Mari 🙂 Keep an eye on the blog!

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