Hello Kitty café: Table #2

Business at Des’s new Hello Kitty café was brisk, but its single table was a bottleneck. Monday night saw the creation of table #2.

Dremel 4000 blueprint - Hello Kitty cafe table 2The overall style and size of the table was to remain the same as #1 – the café was a serious business, after all – but I wanted the details to be different and new. The idea, then, was to have 3 table legs placed at 120° angles to each other and joined somewhere in the middle with a retaining circle. The circle would have 5mm-deep cutouts for each leg, and the legs would have 3mm-deep cutouts within the part that was ~8mm thick, so that each leg would fit flush with the edge of the circle.

I used a fretsaw to cut out the leg shapes out of 3 pieces of plywood that were held together with C-clamps, and finished them with the 408 sanding band and, around the edges, with the 932 grinding stone. The small retaining circle was traced with one of Des’s play dishes, and the slits were cut out at roughly 120° as measured by eye. (As I was writing this post, I recalled that there is a protractor imprinted into the top of my workbench. D’oh!) The table top was based on the same 11-cm coffee cup that was used for table #1. I again glued all joints with the PVA adhesive.

In the final product, the legs ended up being closer together than I had envisioned, with their tops touching each other in the centre. Still, the table seems to be stable, although it has yet to go through the trial by fire that tomorrow’s dinner rush will bring. Good luck to you, little table!

Dremel 4000 - Hello Kitty cafe table 2



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