Blueprint – pen rack

Dremel 4000 blueprint - Pen RackAnother hobby I have is collecting and using fountain pens. I have 19 so far, and until recently they were stored upright, like toothbrushes, in a small cardboard box. Christmas brought me a very pleasant surprise in the form of a leather storage pouch, hand-made by my father-in-law:

Dremel 4000 - leather pen pouch

Despite this, I would still like to make something with my own hands. My original idea was this – “The Crown”:

Dremel 4000 blueprint - Pen Rack

Two of these would be placed ~8-10cm apart and joined with 2 or 3 wooden dowels (the circles). The disadvantage of this design was its less-than-efficient use of space. I briefly considered making the racks stackable, but then discarded that idea. After sketching several other designs in Paper,

Dremel 4000 blueprint - Pen Racks

I finally decided on the “Christmas tree” in the bottom right. The final dimensions and shape have yet to be decided upon, but I do know that I’ll use only two “trees” instead of three shown in the picture. Again, due to the lack of materials, I’ll probably make the rack out of plywood.



  1. Anastasia

    Awesome to hear you’re keeping busy with your hands and that your new family is equally DIY-savvy as our Belorussian relatives, we just got all soft and consumeristic in North America.

    I also like the Christmas Tree best and just have one question: why do you keep toothbrushes in boxes?


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