Blueprint – Hello Kitty café

Dremel 4000 blueprint - swinging doorI’m starting a new category of posts – Blueprint. Here, I’ll share ideas and, hopefully, sketches of my ideas for ongoing and future projects. Any input or feedback is, as always, appreciated.

Here’s the inaugural Blueprint – The Hello Kitty café (used without a license). This is an idea that I had before even purchasing my Dremel. Our 7-year-old daughter Des (who, by the way, has her own blog that is a very fun read) often plays with her two small Hello Kitty figurines. One of the toys is a chef, and together the two run a café. When Des’s parents come for a visit, they can make an order from the menu that offers sushi, dumplings, cake, coffee and smoothies, and then walk away with hands full of colourful paper, crayons and other small odds and ends that represent the food they had ordered.

The café currently consists of a shoe box and other miscellaneous packaging material, and I want to create something a little more permanent and realistic. Here’s the general idea, sketched in Paper, as always:

Dremel 4000 blueprint - Kitty cafe

Originally, I had wanted to make everything out of thin wood, but I am having trouble finding a local source. So, the project will go ahead with plywood as the material of choice. I want to make 3 walls of the kitchen, with the fourth side being open for easy access. There is no need to build a sitting area of the café since Mari and I always get take-away 🙂 However, the front wall of the kitchen will have a serving window and a cash register, since we do have to pay (usually with money that Des gives us). I also want to make a swinging door, and here’s how I thought it might work:

Dremel 4000 blueprint - swinging door



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