There’s terracotta and then there’s terracotta, evidently

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I made another wooden ring, out of plywood this time, using the same techniques I described before. Then I wrote a blog post. Then I browsed the internet for inspiration and found the site, apparently operated by Bosch, the makers of Dremel. There, I found something new and different that I could easily do with my kit – engrave terracotta pots using the 191 high speed cutter. I also found a dusty old pot that we had lying around, which looked exactly like those in the project pictures – unfinished clay-brown pot. Pretty much what you’d think of if you heard the words “flower pot”.

For practice, I started working on the pot’s bottom, and things seemed to go smoothly. The bit was removing the material and I had good control of the process: not too fast, not too slow, not too deep, not too shallow. It was too late that I noticed metallic-coloured particles begin to intermingle with the clay dust…

Long story short, this is what the bit looks like right now:

Dremel 191 high speed cutter

For reference, here’s the same bit less than 24 hours earlier:

Dremel 191 high speed cutter

You can see how the cutting head has been worn away almost completely.

Now – did I find some “super-terracotta” pot? Was my version of the cutter made out of a sub-par material? Did I misunderstand the dremelweekends’ instructions – were they simply using the cutter to scratch the paint on their pots? Regardless of the answers, I am now without a cutter. Which is rather unfortunate, as I used the 191 for nearly all my projects so far.

I’ve been eyeing some additional accessories already, and this just might accelerate the purchase decision.

191 high speed cutter. December 6 – December 29, 2012. RIP 😦



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